The Wailing Spirit of Tasha Gardens

The city of Fielding Wall has a great public garden called The Tasha Gardens. It’s not a place you want to visit at night. Then a spirit roams there, back and forth. So fearsome is this ghost that even the city guard lock up the gardens at night and don’t ever go in. I’ve heard a few young creatures go their for sport but the ones that come back claim they never saw anything.

It is said there was a small village there before Fielding Wall sprung up. Now, they also say that the spirit if of a woman from that village lost her husband in the marshes that once were plentiful around where the village once stood and where the city is now. Her family begged her not to go but she did, and she screamed her husband’s name day and night. The folks from the village could hear her calling, screaming, and wailing for days. But no one went in to help her.

Finally the screaming stopped, and even her family were at ease. They were sad that the woman was lost, too, but glad to be done with hearing her heart broken call every hour. Business went on as before and soon people just forgot about it.

The next year, the screams started up again, only now they were louder, and they would jump around from place to place as if the one who screamed were running, running faster then anyone has a business to be moving. At first, the older folk thought it was young kids playing a prank, but the joke wouldn’t end. Day in, day out, the screaming continued until finally a group of folk went into the swamps to find the pranksters and put an end to it all. They never came back.

Each year the wails return for a few days, and usually they only stop when someone answers the call.

But when they answer the call, they don’t come back.


JeremyLMiller JeremyLMiller

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