The PetalDasher Beer Stein

A big beer stein


The PetalDasher Beer Stein is a unique item. Many dwarven clans have a totem beer stein toting the exploits of the clan but this one has ancient runes that most day to day dwarves can’t read. Most chalk it up to garble and babble but Astrid knows in his stoney heart that it means something special.

It’s great for drinking ale out of, but often is used for shielding blows and hammering out the customers that go too far and get tossed out by one of the Cheerwood Bottles bouncers. A close inspection shows that it’s made of a mixture ore of mithril and something close to steel. It has no scratches or rust and gleams like a fresh poured double-pint.

On the surface of the stein there are four ancient dwarven runes. One of them is RraRrack Tir’ Glone and it is said that it means dwarven strength.


The PetalDasher Beer Stein

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